Natural Cures for Acid Reflux

Find natural cures for acid reflux and what action you can take to help relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing. Our bodies are very resilient and heal quickly and in time you should see a difference just by following the necessary steps.

Find out what foods help reduce acid reflux.

There are many acid reflux¬†symptoms that you might not connect to acid reflux disease. They could be so subtle that you would never know to check it further.It could be as simple as just clearing your throat which you’ve done many times before. When you swallow check if you feel a lump in your throat. Some more noticeable symptoms is shortness of breath, heartburn and having difficulty keeping your food down.

You can follow all the natural cures for acid reflux you want but the most important thing is finding out how severe of a case this is. This is something you should take up with your doctor. The doctor may want you to go for a catscan or have an ENT guy look down your throat with a scope to determine if there is an obstruction in the airway, all caused by acid reflux. It’s critical to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Once you figure this out you can start on the treatment.

Understand that your stomach acid is not supposed to reflux up past the muscle flap that prevents food from going up your esophagus and possibly into your lungs. Sticking to a strict acid reflux diet or gerd diet will help get this under control. Stomach acid is the second most powerful acid besides hydrochloric acid. You do not want this acid getting out of your stomach.

The major acid reflux food to avoid is alcohol. Alcohol relaxes your muscles and in turn, will relax that muscle flap called the “esophageal sphincter” that prevents food from leaving your stomach. Some other foods which are also irritants that you should avoid are caffeine, chocolate, cheese, and any acidic foods. Stay away from Advil as well because it will affect your muscles.

By simply avoiding these foods that cause you discomfort you should also be able to stop heartburn. Besides a fun filled bland diet, there are many acid reflux over the counter medications that can complement your road to healing. Again, I only mention this depending on the doctor’s advice.

Food portioning is another way of treating the reflux. Your stomach is just so big that it can only handle a certain amount of food at a time. The best thing is to have several smaller meals per day instead of three very large meals. It’s not as bad as it sounds. You get used to it very quickly. This is a lifestyle change that, at least for the short term you must make to heal thyself. You will feel a lot better just by avoiding those foods that are irritants and causing you reflux / heartburn.

There are several ways to treat acid reflux disease. One of the most natural ways is through diet. This is what you try first and take it from there.

Is an acidrefluxdiet what you really need or just a simple change in eating habits?

Get Yourself Sorted With An Acid Reflux Diet Plan
There is one thing that will help you lose weight and also cure your acid reflux. That one thing is an acid reflux diet plan.

Acid Reflux Diet Recipe Ideas
There is certainly no lacking in terms of options when it comes to an acid reflux diet recipe.

Acid Reflux Diagnosis
However, the endoscopy and pH test will normally be the first tests to be used and these will normally be able to prove whether or not acid reflux is causing the symptoms.

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